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Low Cost Web Sites That Work For Small Business

I am an Access programmer who has developed unique software using Microsoft Access to generate thousands of searchable web pages instead of using non-searchable SQL Sybase Oracle or other web database systems. I have successfully generated websites containing thousands of stock items in such a way that the items are findable by my unique hierarchical structure and the ability of search engines to pick up on every single part number in the database.

Normally, a large database is kept on a server where Search engines cannot find the actual data , only the parent site. My system has resulted in people finding my little company websites over the corporate big guys. Contact me and find out how your website can beat the system.

See example at http://www.yeoldebookshoppecafe.com

Don't have a web page?

Ask me how you can get a free web page for your company or your cause (no monthly fee).   I will charge an initial setup fee of $200 and set you up on a free web host.   Once you see your site is working for you, you may later wish to move to having a paid site with your own domain name like www.yourcompany.com.   Sites with domain names can cost as low as $12/month.

Website Maintenance Services

Most companies do not need a permanent employee to maintain their website.  I will work with you, one day a week, one day a month or even one day a quarter, depending on your needs. 

Consulting Services / Technical Support / Help Desk

I will charge a flat $50/hour (offsite) or $60/hour onsite (Nassau-Suffolk counties NY only), if needed.  You will get 30+ years of IT Technical Support and Consulting experience.   At the same time I can also make recommendations and let you know what's wrong with your current systems and website.

Thomas E.
Software & 

Over 30 Years of Information Technology Experience
20 Saturn Court, Syosset, NY 11791-6608
Email: LongIslandHelpDesk@Yahoo.com
Additional information: http://KolakowskiT.tripod.com