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For the best, easiest, and cheapest dialup service, choose Copper.Net!

Better than AOL, MSN, NetZero, Earthlink, Juno, Optimum Online, and DSL

Why Use Copper.Net?  Read my story below.
bullet 30-day Money Back Guarantee
bullet Fast, Reliable Service
bullet No Annoying Ads
bullet No Setup Fees
bullet NO ANNOYING CDs in the mail!
bullet Easy Online Sign Up & Instant Activation
bullet Only $9.95 Monthly
bullet Nationwide Access
bullet email account @copper.net
bullet Toll Free Technical Support
bullet Get Paid For Referring Copper.net
bullet Use ANY browser you like.
bullet Simple Dial-Up Networking, NO CD required.
bullet and they HAVE been around a long time.
bullet Customer Service!

Why Not AOL? (or as I call it Email Virus Central)
bullet $23.95 monthly fee,
bullet Pop up ads, Pop up ads, Pop up ads, Pop up ads,
bullet Exposure to junk/virus-ridden spam and chat rooms
bullet Huge downloads before signoff
bullet Clunky AOL interface dragging system resources
bulletDid you know you can use AOL Instant Messenger with ANY internet service?
bullet Difficulty using Internet Explorer, Netscape or Opera
bullet ANNOYING CDs in the mail!
bullet Good luck trying to get through to Technical Support

Why Not MSN? (a.k.a. The Evil Empire)
bulletGive your name, address, and your life to Microsoft!
bullet$21.95 monthly fee,
bulletPop up advertisements,
bullet The butterfly got you down!
bulletANNOYING CDs in the mail!
bulletMy experience in NYC was busy phone lines
bulletAnd good luck trying to get through to Technical Support

 NetZero, Ah, but what about it, only $9.95 a month?

bulletZCAST has caused an invalid page fault in module <Unknown>
bulletI tried NetZero and it crashed constantly
bulletSupport at $1.95 a minute
bulletI spent 6 days trying to debug their software!
bulletThey told me to uninstall everything on my system because something was not compatible with their software (I'll show you the email).
bulletRequires their software
bulletRequires a 1/2 inch banner across your screen
bulletUnrelenting pop-ups pushing their premium $15.95 high speed service
bulletDownload software updates for 15 minutes before phone disconnects!
bulletANNOYING TV COMMERCIALS! They don't mention ZCAST!
bulletANNOYING CDs in the mail!

Why Not JUNO?
bulletJuno is NetZero, NetZero is Juno.  (United Online).

Why Not Earthlink?
bulletI tried them for a customer who went back to MSN due to service issues.
bulletTry calling their Tech Support number to ask them! Ha ha..
bulletBut why bother at a cost of $21.95/month

What about Cablevision (Broadband Cable)?
bullet IF you are rich, then go cable. My own experience "Cable WAS great". Fast! SOMETIMES. That's right, cable is slow as s___ at times waiting for pages to load
bulletNot available in all areas
bulletYou are competing with all of your neighbors for network performance.
bulletLines shared with Optimum Voice, Optimum Movies and who knows what else.
bulletBe careful! Your system may be open for external users to access
bulletRegular price increases, up, up, up. Regular as rain in Seattle!
bulletYou have to subscribe to Premium Cable Service to get their menial monthly discount and then still pay $50 per month.
bulletTotal bill including cable over $100/month
bulletFree Technical Support? Don't hold your breath, you won't get through any time soon!
bulletTechnical Support paid $12/hour.  Who is answering the phones?  High school kids?

Satellite customers should use Copper.NET and get VALUE for TV and Internet!

What about DSL?
bulletIF you love dealing with the phone company, try DSL.
bulletYou must be within a reasonable distance of a telco office
bulletYou pay for speed. $50/month for 20% of speed of cable.
bulletFaster than dialup, but you pay for it.
bulletService! I repeat "Phone Company"!

Here's Why you should sign up for CopperNet

These are my personal opinions based on 30 years computer experience.

I have been a computer consultant fixing problems people have had with AOL Viruses, MSN connection issues, Optimum Online (Cablevision) self-installation problems, Verizon DSL service issues, and the infamous bankrupt DSL companies.

Every time I visited an AOL user, which by the way was very, very often, because they got NO help from AOL. I asked them why do you put up with this nonsense? You dialup and get bombarded with Commercials? You sign off and have to wait for AOL software and advertisements to load onto your hard drive.

I always wondered why I couldn't just use Dial-up Networking that comes built-in with Windows and use either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Now I do.

(AOL, MSN, NetZero, Earthlink, Juno, Optimum Online, Cablevision, and Verizon are trademarks of their respective companies.)

Click here to Get CopperNet Now!  $9.95 per month with no commitment.  Cancel at any time.

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